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In 1988 some pioneers thought it was about time for the City of Västerås to get a wind band of its own. So they got a number of musicians together, both amateurs and professionals and in January 1989 it was time for the "world première", as the first concert was called in the press. The band works on an ideal basis and all members take part on equal terms. The major part of the band are amateurs, but music teachers and professional musicians are also members.

Over the years the popular concerts in spring and autumn as well as the Saturday city parades have attracted the greatest interest. Furthermore a lot of commissioned concerts have been performed. The orchestra has also made some concert trips abroad; Switzerland, Norway, England, Austria, Hungary and Italy have all been visited. In Austria, on behalf of the Association of Swedish Amateur Orchestras, the band had the privilege of representing Sweden and Northern Europe at a big music festival for wind bands. The band also represented Sweden at the big Nordic-Baltic Choir Festival on the island of Gotland 1997 and had the honour of providing the final concerts of the season at Strömsholm Castle and at Dalhalla, the well-known open-air stage by Rättvik in the county of Dalarna.

In 1998 the band reached its finest success so far - Swedish wind band champions, an effort we so far have repeated twice, in 2001 and 2004, on every occassion in stronger competition than before.

The first CD was released in 1992. So it was time for the second CD, released in 1998. This CD reflects the varied repertoire of the orchestra and we hope it will give the listener a great musical experience.

Aros March (Ivar Widner)

The official march of the City of Västerås.

Ivar Widner was a military musician, born at Kolsva in the county of Västmanland. He started his music career as a music pupil at Västmanland's Regiment. He graduated at the Royal College of Music in 1915 and a year later he started his service at Norrbotten's Regiment. As leader of the Swedish Naval Band he gave popular radio concerts from Skansen, the well-known open-air museum and zoo in Stockholm.

He composed 28 marches. One of the best-known is Swedish Signal March No 1 from 1918. Aros March from 1915 (opus 6), his very first march, has been appointed the official march of the City of Västerås.